Avengers Award Winners - Men's Tennis


  • ITA Junior College All-American: Callum Polland-Smith (S/D), Stephen Watson (D)
  • NJCAA First Team All-American (Singles): Callum Polland-Smith, Stephen Watson, Shaquille Taylor 
  • NJCAA First Team All-American (Doubles): Diego Alcocer, Jack Boiling, Richard Carey, Callum Polland-Smith, Shaquille Taylor, Stephen Watson
  • NJCAA Second Team All-American: Richard Carey, Pedro Garcia 


  • ITA Junior College All-American: Tim Srkala (S/D), Jack Boling (S/D)
  • NJCAA First Team All-American (Singles): Jack Boling, Shaquille Taylor
  • NJCAA Second Team All-American (Singles): Stephen Watson, Liam Gomez
  • NJCAA First Team All-American (Doubles): Stephen Watson and Liam Gomez, Christian Waldron and Shaquille Taylor
  • Max Grubbs Coach of the Year: Brian Slack


  • NJCAA First Team All-American (Singles): Pavel Zhdanov
  • NJCAA Second Team All-American (Singles): Christian Waldron
  • NJCAA Second Team All-American (Doubles): Pavel Zhdanov, Nail Khabiyev
  • ITA Junior/Community College All-American (Singles): Tim Srkala
  • ITA Junior/Community College All-American (Doubles): Tim Srkala, Rafael Alvarez


  • ITA Junior/Community College Scholar Athlete: Vincenzo Ciccone, William Hill
  • Academic All-Region XV: Vincenzo Ciccone, William Hill